Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twitter does work

I am proof.  Not knowing that anyone actually reads my cranky posts, I recently vented my thoughts about Starbuck's price increase at @writergirl22

Here's what I wrote:
Libby Schmais
Really -- $2.01 for tall coffee! you couldn't just make it $2?
and then, lo and behold,  a writer (a very nice man called Jeff Sommer) from The New York Times asked me to call him and wanted my thoughts for an article that actually appeared in the most recent Sunday New York Times!   If you don't believe me, here's the link: 

Aftermath: (my mother was very impressed that i was  called a novelist and two guys i went to high school contacted me)
So Twitterers out there, remember, someone may be reading your cranky twitters and similar things may happen.  My next twitter will be about Sephora, after an unpleasant experience trying to return some concealer at the Time Warner Center - and me being a VIB and all (very important beauty customer).  Watch out @Sephora!

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