Monday, January 9, 2012

Things I like so far about Bespoke Publishing

I  finally got the cover I wanted (instead of the lame cover the publisher had originally suggested & no one has asked me to change the title or plot or make it more G-rated or made me feel bad about my writing

I get to keep more profits (assuming there will be some, fingers crossed).

I get to charge a reasonable price for book -- a price I would feel good about paying (how does $3.99 sound?)

Owning the rights to my own work (still waiting to get rights back from St. Martins)
Things I miss about Legacy Publishing

Having a deadline

Getting a sizable check up front

Having the illusion there will be publicity

Feeling validated - as in I was published by so and so…..(Random House, St. Martins and Putnam in my case).

Feeling like someone is waiting for my book (see deadline). 

Having a publication date  (Still haven't picked mine - but it will be soon - I promise!)

Tudor Rules!

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